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digital photography classesIntermediate to Advanced Level Photo Class

Beyond the Basics- The “Artsy” Stuff! – A 3 Hour Journey of Photographic Expression!

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We recommend you take our flagship “7 Steps to Better Photography” Basic class before any of our advanced classes!

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A big part of modern day digital photography is the “techy” stuff. But, much of it is learning how to see things in a more artistic light. What does it take to create photography with impact instead of just a little old snapshot?

During this mostly “hands on” artistic journey of a workshop, Bruce Hudson will give you specific assignments that will help you explore these artistic concepts of photography:

After spending 3 hours with Bruce and completing this course you will have a new appreciation for photography as an art form and the confidence to create your own mark on it! “its fun watching our mostly hobbyist audience of students create art in their cameras that they only have dreamed about”, says Bruce about this workshop. Register today and get your creative juices flow-in!

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