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Beyond the Basics: Learn The Artsy Stuff!

A 3 Hour Journey of Photographic Expression!

We recommend you take our flagship class
~ '7 Steps To better Photography' ~
before any of our advanced classes!

This 3-hour class is “hands on” and is limited to only 10 students!

What does it take to create photographs that have impact and look more than a snapshot?

Yes, the technical stuff has a huge part of producing outstanding photography, but learning to see and applying artistic principles will take your photography to new levels. There’s specific artistic rules and technics that anyone can learn and implement and that’s what Bruce teaches in this class.

“Some people think that they can never become artistic, but I disagree. Spend 3 hours with me and I’ll teach you to see things differently and use what you see to change the quality of your photography!” Bruce Hudson

Here’s what Bruce will cover:

What types of Composition are more effective?

Rather than just pointing and shooting a scene, let’s put some thought into it. Why do some images draw us into the photograph while others fall flat? It has to do with the composition of the image. Bruce explains different types of composition and then has you execute them in his assignments. You will learn the rule of 3rds, symmetrical and vanishing point

“The key with any type of composition is to turn a 2 dimensional scene into the illusion of 3 dimensions. I help my students understand with an application approach vs. theory”\\

Leading Lines

One thing that helps bring a composition to life is the use of leading lines. Bruce show various examples of diagonal, horizonal, vertical & converging lines as well as C curves and S curves. He also points out how to maximize those lines in your composition to create impact.

Showing examples is great, but I want my students to be able see what I see and then photograph examples to reinforce what they’ve learned.

Use of Color

Color is one of the most powerful design elements in photography. The use of colorcan evoke strong emotions in a image both consciously or sub-consciously. Bruce explores with his students the use of colorharmony, contrasting colors, monochromatic, and levels of saturation. How do those color elements effect the viewers mood? You’ll be surprised how powerful the use of colorhas in every image we see!
“I have been shooting a DSLR for years and have always found a way to get the kinds of photos I wanted through trial and error. It took longer than I wanted or I settled for ok photos. Then I found Bruce’s photography classes. I have taken 3 classes one a 3 month period and I have improved my skills and confidence with my camera. I walked away from the basic class with the skills to shoot photos in manual mode, improving my ability to shoot in low light with no flash. The advanced class built on those skills and the practical lessons helped me gain a total understanding of my camera. the last class I took was the lighting class. This was an amazing class with lots of practice in applying the theory of the classroom portion. I am sure I will take additional classes in the future from Bruce but in a short time I have moved into a new world of skills and confidence.” ~ Jim B., Tacoma


Textureis also a design element that adds to the artistic impact of a photograph. There’s texture everywhere we look and it can come in various forms. How does hard texture verses soft texture impact a photograph? How can you enhance or minimize the use of texture? Can texture contribute to the overall composition of a photograph? Once again Bruce will answer all of these questions and give assignments to reinforce what you discover!

Story Telling

Every photograph should convey a story. Sometimes the story is obvious, sometimes it’s hidden. How can you as a photographic artist inject more story telling qualities into your images? Bruce is a master at telling stories with his clients photography….because he does it every day. In this 3 hour class he will share how he tells stories and why they’re so important in the artist merit of photography.

Why you should take this class?

Bruce has admittedly mentioned on a number of cases that this is one of his favorite classes to teach.

“I love watching my students come alive when they are finally able to see past just the technical aspects of the camera. That’s when the fun begins and the creative juices flourish! I love it!”  Bruce Hudson

Meet Your Instructor:

Master Photographer, Head Photography Class Instructor & Owner of Hudson’s Portrait Design.

Seattle area native Bruce Hudson has led a colorful life. As a professional musician and educator, he had the opportunity to play with such greats as Bob Hope and Seattle’s own Kenny G! From 1978 to 1982 he was a band director at Tahoma High School in Maple Valley, WA. Bruce left teaching to pursue his passion for photography at the end of the 1982 school year. As a nationally recognized professional photographer, he’s photographed politicians including President Bush 41, Washington State Governor Gary Locke and his family, and numerous State and local leaders throughout Washington State. Many celebrities and sports stars call Bruce Hudson their personal family photographer including future Baseball Hall of Famers Randy Johnson and Omar Vizquel, music legend Marvin Hamlish, and nighttime radio personality Delilah and her family