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Our Basic Photoshop Workshop

Learn Basic Photoshop from our world class graphic designer Amy!

Class Requirements: Laptop or Desktop and Photoshop Installed (Any Version: Elements, CS5, Etc.)

This class is 100% interactive and all of the materials will be provided by Amy so you can work along with her!

This class is designed for the aspiring Photoshop artist! Our designer Amy will guide you through the ins and outs of basic Photoshop. This 3 hours hands-on workshop features one on one instruction, class assignments, and you’ll walk away with a basic knowledge of all Photoshop Tools!

Here’s What You’ll Learn During Amy’s Photoshop Class:

  • Work Space
  • Pallets
  • Understanding Layers
  • Cropping
  • Vignette your Images
  • Levels
  • Hue/Saturation
  • Black and White Image Conversions
  • Selective Color
  • JPG vs. RAW Image Formats
  • how to use photoshop
  • Correcting Exposure
  • Quick Keys
  • Text
  • Custom Brush Creation
  • 2 Special Projects so You Can Practice What we Have Learned
  • Q & A with Demonstration

Amy McGann – Photoshop Class Instructor

Amy is the Production Specialist for Hudson’s Portrait Design and Photoshop Instructor at Hudson’s Photo Workshops! Not only is she a talented photographer but she is an amazing professional graphic designer. She started out taking Photoshop courses at Renton Technical College in 2006 and has continued to improve her skills ever since! Day to day she is in charge of designing custom wedding, family, baby, and high school senior albums, composite images, as well as making each of our Hudson’s clients look spectacular! Below are some examples of Amy’s AMAZING work!

In addition to her day to day production work, Amy LOVES to teach aspiring photographers of all skill levels about Photoshop, Lightroom, and designing custom pieces of both digital and printed art. Her passion for “After Capture” and digital imagery makes her the perfect teacher for this challenging yet fun part of modern day photography!