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7 Steps to Better Photography REBOOT

A 2-Hour Refresher Course

“It is always a good idea to review what you have learned – so that you can apply it and move to the next level.” 

– Bruce Hudson, Master Photographer
Professional Photographers of America


This class is designed for our Alumni students who have taken the ‘7-Steps To Better Photography’ Course.

What are the benefits of taking this reboot course:

Benefit One: A Savings of Time and Money

Many of Bruce’s students have asked for a class that refreshes what they have already learned in the 4-hour crash course, ‘7-Steps To Better Photography’. The course is a reboot and it is half the time (only 2 hours) and less than 1/2 half the cost of the original! But you still get Bruce for hands-on and specific training that will help you continue to improve your photography.

Benefit Two: Review of the technical and valuable feedback about your images.

During the class, Bruce will be reviewing the same technical information he shared in the first class, helping you get clarity on your f/stop, ISO, and shutter speed. If you are good-to-go on those items – then the class will progress. He will also be able to give you valuable feedback from images you bring to class. This special critique session is totally optional for students who are looking for an enhanced learning experience.

“I have learned so much from Bruce in my first class with him that it was overwhelming! As he said in class, you need to practice, practice, PRACTICE! Taking the REBOOT class helped me remember the steps I had forgotten and helped reinforce what I had learned in my first class. I was even brave enough to bring a few of my images in fro Bruce to review. That part of the class was extremely helpful!”! ~ Carla C., Auburn, WA

Bottom-line: So, if you are looking for a little kick in the rear to get your photography juices flowing again, signup for Bruce’s Alumni Only 7-Step REBOOT Course!

Meet Your Instructor:

Master Photographer, Head Photography Class Instructor & Owner of Hudson’s Portrait Design.

Seattle area native Bruce Hudson has led a colorful life. As a professional musician and educator, he had the opportunity to play with such greats as Bob Hope and Seattle’s own Kenny G! From 1978 to 1982 he was a band director at Tahoma High School in Maple Valley, WA. Bruce left teaching to pursue his passion for photography at the end of the 1982 school year. As a nationally recognized professional photographer, he’s photographed politicians including President Bush 41, Washington State Governor Gary Locke and his family, and numerous State and local leaders throughout Washington State. Many celebrities and sports stars call Bruce Hudson their personal family photographer including future Baseball Hall of Famers Randy Johnson and Omar Vizquel, music legend Marvin Hamlish, and nighttime radio personality Delilah and her family