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Meet Your Instructor

Bruce Hudson is a Master Photographer, Head Photography Class Instructor & Owner of Hudson’s Portrait Design

As a nationally recognized professional photographer, Bruce has had the opportunity to photograph such subjects as President Bush 41, Governor Gary Locke and his family, former Seattle Mariner and Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher Randy Johnson, music legend Marvin Hamlisch, nighttime radio personality Delilah, Alan White (drummer for the band Yes), and most recently Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees!

Need a private class for you or a custom program for your organization?  We design and deliver a custom, specialized instruction course that will fit your personal needs.

Need to learn Photoshop?

Learn Beginner Photoshop from our world-class designer Amy!

This class is designed for the aspiring Photoshop artist! Our designer Amy will guide you through the ins and outs of basic Photoshop. This 3-hour hands-on workshop feature one-on one-instruction, class assignments, and you’ll walk away with a basic knowledge of all Photoshop Tools!

WorkSpace and Pallets

Amy will introduce you to workflow best practices and an overview of the pallets and functions of the Photoshop enviroment.

Using Layers and Pallets

You will be introduced to the power of layers and how you can not only preserve your original image but how to use layers to enhance and edit your images. Dive deeper into the pallets to better understand your tools.

Hue and Saturation

With Amy’s guidance, demystify the Hue and saturation. Even if you have a good idea of color – there is understanding CMYK and RGB, plus web colors and how they differ when addressing your images.

Working with JPEG vs. RAW formats

Why do you want to consider shooting in RAW and what happens when you open and close a JPEG file over and over? It may surprise you and change the way you work in Photoshop. Amy spends the time to teach you through examples and application the differences and helps you improve your production processes.

Hands on Q & A with Demonstration

The benefits of working with Amy – is the real-time interaction and immediate answers to your questions. This hands-on class is one of our most requested and Amy does an excellent job to make sure you get the information to help you better understand your Photoshop workflow and how to achieve your desired images.

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