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how to photography people


$150 – 3 Hour Hands On Class

Location: Seahurst Beach in Burien, WA

When: Sunday June 4th 1-4pm


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Photographing People can be one of the most challenging aspects of photography, a lot more goes into it technically and artistically that most people imagine. Your instructor will be Bruce Hudson, a Master Photographer with 35+ years of professional experience photographing individuals, couples, and even large groups. So what is covered during the 3 hour class?

Posing, lighting, angles, and more!

Bruce will show you how to properly pose a single subject, a couple, and a large family group naturally. Models will be provided for you to photograph and test your skills as Bruce provides hands on instruction.

You will also learn about different lighting techniques such as using reflectors, on camera flash, off camera flash, and when it’s OK to use natural light. You’ll have access to thousands of dollars of professional equipment to “plug in” too and play! You’ll also learn techniques for lighting on little to no budget as well!

Bruce will show you different angles and lens perspectives for different posing and group situations. The wrong lens can add 10-15 pounds to a subject, whereas the right lens can be leave your subjects looking better than ever!

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