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how to take pictures of fireworks

Want to Learn How to Create the Ultimate Fireworks Images This Independence Day?

Here are some tips from Master Photographer Bruce Hudson… and we want to see your results! Email your fireworks images to us via our contact page by Friday July 7th for your chance to win FREE photography classes and even a one on one photography lesson with Bruce, a $300+ value! Good luck and have fun!


Bruce and Josh on Photo Talk Radio NW – Discussing Nature Photography and Photographing Fireworks!

Before the show:


Camera Settings:

Making an Exposure: 

  1. Place the card in front of the lens as close as you can without touching it
  2. Use the remote to release the shutter (on bulb) the shutter will stay open until you close it via remote
  3. When you see the firework fired, remove the black card and capture the burst(s)
  4. You can capture as many bursts as you like
  5. When you are ready to expose a new frame, close the shutter (via the remote) and repeat the process

Additional thoughts:

The black card act as a secondary shutter. The camera shutter is open, but the card keeps the light out of the camera until you are ready to expose for one or more bursts. It’s like having multiple exposures without having to change the frames! When I first discovered this technic in 1972, it was super cool. At that time no Photoshop, just multiple exposures with darkroom magic. It was fun to try to achieve the darkroom magic just done in camera!  The same hold true today…try it without any Photoshop!

Final Tips: