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March 9th, 2019 – Steve Theodore – Virtuance – Real Estate Photography

Steve Theodore of the Seattle-based office of Virtuance joins us in-studio to talk about their HDReal® system for stunning real estate photography.

From their website:

Virtuance is a real estate photography, marketing, and technology company based in Denver, Colorado. We provide cutting-edge, highly market-effective products and services to real estate professionals to support their visual marketing initiatives.

96% of home buyers search for listings online. 86% of them agree that photography is the most useful feature when deciding to view a home. Virtuance spent 2 years developing their proprietary HDReal® Imaging System to ensure every image they produce makes buyers click on listings they may have otherwise overlooked. Listings marketed with Virtuance HDReal® images sell 45% faster and 75% closer to asking price than the top competitors in your area.

On the strength of HDReal®, our groundbreaking proprietary automated imaging system designed to deliver high-quality real estate marketing images at incredibly affordable prices, Virtuance has become one of the leading providers of real estate photography in the country.

To learn more, visit: www.virtuance.com
Contact Steve @ steve.theodore@virtuance.com

March 16, 2019 – Professional Photographers of Washington – PPW Spring Conference Photo Salon Chair – Ed Matuska

Ed Matuska, M Photog, MEI, Cr, CPP-P & EI, A-ASP

What do you need as an aspiring photographer to up your game and enter your images in a photo competition? Do you understand the benefit and how it can make you a better photographer – to get feedback and better you craft? Ed Matuska discusses the upcoming PPW Spring Conference and the judging process that is open to all photographers – professional and photo enthusiasts alike.

Ed practiced his craft in South Dakota for over 50 years. He was recognized by RCACC as a Rushmore Honoree in 2005 for contribution to the Arts in SD & Black Hills Area. Ed now resides in Seattle with his wife Joan, continues to remain active in his craft & teach. Ed is an Internationally recognized photographic instructor, having extensively taught & judged throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico with expertise in “Three Dimension Lighting” & Digital Imaging”

For more information about the PPW Conference – go to:

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